Fourteen Striders made the trip over the border into Cambridgeshire to run in Round 2 of the Essex Cross-Country League. Thankfully the weather was warmer than last year’s race but it was still windy! So windy in fact that Allison had to put the gazebo up inside a barn to stop it blowing a way!

For the ladies, it was a two lap course and then men had an additional short lap at the start to get the extra distance in. I had always thought Cambridgeshire was flat but this is definitely at the top of a hill, hence the wind. The first half of the lap was up hill with the wind behind us, mainly around fields, as you ran back down the hill you turned into the wind! Towards the end of the lap there was a fairly big ditch that thankfully was dry, even after all the rain we have had. There was some discussion afterwards over ditch crossing technique and whether it was jumped on run through the bottom. After the ditch there was a short downhill section through the wood before getting to the finish area and starting the second lap. There was a little hill at this stage and first time round I was thinking oh no, an uphill finish but actually when it came to the finish the hill wasn’t that bad. Honor did a great sprint finish, unfortunately she couldn’t overtake the Billericay Strider in front of her but did manage to stay in ahead of the Benfleet runner trying to catch her.

The Ladies Team after the race.

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