New Member FAQ’sWhat nights do you train?
Tuesday at 7.30pm and Thursday at 7pm (early session) and (main session)

Where do you meet?
Springfield Cricket Club, Timsons Lane, Coronation Park, CM2 6AG.
(There is a large car park, but it can get busy)

What sessions do you do?
Tuesday is interval training, or “effort session” consisting of a period of effort (at each individuals pace) followed by a distance of recovery. The effort and recovery is repeated for the duration on the session. 
Thursday @ 7pm is a condensed version of the Tuesday night session and @ 7pm there is also a prescribed 5 mile route that rotates every week, there are Winter and Summer routes.

Do I need to be a fast runner?
No, all sessions are carried out at your pace. There will be a wide variety of runners.

Are all the sessions suitable for beginners that have never run before?
No. you need to be able to run for about 40-50 minutes even at a slow pace.
For beginners, we organise a 10 week course each year starting at the end on April.
This is suitable for non runners and beginners alike.

Do I need to let the club know I’m going to come along to the club?
No. just turn up and make yourself known, there is no weekly fee.
We recommend a Tuesday night, as it is easier for you to keep in the group, and its easier for us to assess what you want to get from a running club, and you will get to know people of your own ability.

Do I need to join the Club before I run?
No. Come along for a few weeks, try to get to know people and the sessions we do.
There are lot of people in the club, and you will see different faces from one week to the next. Likewise our sessions are run on a 4 week rota, and we encourage everyone to try a few before joining.

Do I have to pay for each session?
No. Our very modest annual membership fee covers you for all your training throughout the year.

Are there changing facilities at the club?
Yes. There are shower blocks and changing facilities for Men and Women.

How many people will be running?
On Tuesday nights there are typically 50-70 runners of a wide range of ability.
Thursday night is usually quieter.

What should I wear?
Normal running kit that you are comfortable in. During the winter/dark nights we require you to wear a light coloured/high viz top.

How do I know what the session will be?
The sessions are displayed on the home page of our web site each week.