Springfield Striders is an inclusive club with members of from vast array of abilities.

For those that have ambitions to get faster, or carry through relevant performances in to new age categories we have devised a Club Standards system.

We want to help our members to challenge themselves and have identified a set amount of common distances that are run on the road. We then decided on the 7 set standards and divided the list into to the common age group categories.

The age grading system Is explained at the bottom of this page. The London Marathon Mens ‘Good For Age’ times were used as a rough middle ground and we then worked either side of this. As the GFA times are used to capture a certain number, it may be perceived that the women’s standard is harder, but by using a age grading it ensures that the runner is the same percentage away from the fastest Runner in the world for both men and women.

See below for a summary if each standard: PURPLE – 85% of World Record RED – Triple 777! This is 77.7% of the WR BLUE – 70% which was the rough senior mens GFA target at 2:58:27 GOLD – 63% of WR SILVER – 57% of WR BRONZE – 50% of WC. This is still a respectable achievement if you look at it… if a WC half marathon for men is 1:00 then the Bronze Half marathon target will be double this at 2:00. RACER – Aimed at newer runners, to gain the Racer standard you just have to complete 4 of the recognised distances in order to claim the standard.

The standards will be up to you to claim you will not be placed in to the Standard categories by the club. In order to claim you must first make sure you confirm to the rules: Race times and age will apply on the day the race was run.

For claiming former races, these must still be within the age category you are claiming for. Ie, if you are claiming v50, you cannot use an older time which you ran when aged 49. When you move in to a new age category you must re-make your claim when all races have been run in that age category. It is up to the individual to claim the standard, providing evidence of race times.

At least 1 race result must be from the year you are making the claim. For example, as the Standards will be introduced from 1st Jan 2020, at least one race result must be after this date When you Are ready to make a claim please contact Stuart Darney. Similarly, if you have any questions please submit them to Stuart. Good luck! Notes: All the standards are calculated using an age graded calculator which measures the % of you time in comparison to current world record of that age/sex.

Times were last updated june 2019