Saturday, August 18, 2018
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Road Running




Road Running

Springfield Striders members are very active on the road running scene, competing in races not just locally but all over the country and internationally, competing at major city marathons and even representing their country! There aren’t many local races that don’t have at least a couple of white and yellow vests on display.

You can plan your racing year using the events calendar and find shortcuts to race entries here

The club also holds a road race Club Championship for men and women which runs from January to December. Points are awarded in qualifying races with 50 points to the first male and female Striders to finish, 49 for second and so on. Any race, anywhere in the country, could be a qualifying race as long as there are 15 Striders finishing. For Club Championship races, (more details below), first place is awarded 100 points, 99 for second, etc. In these races there is no requirement for 20 finishers. The Championship table is updated after every race and can be found here.

Club Championship Races

A number of races — covering all the major distances, 5 miles, 10K, 10 miles, half marathon and the marathon — are selected as our Club Championships. The first male and female Strider finishing over each distance will be crowned Club Champion at the Annual Dinner Dance.

The events for 2017 are: -

5 miles – Braintree

10K – Felsted

10 miles – Tiptree

Half marathon – Southend

Marathon – Halstead

Springfield Friday Five & Pleshey Half Marathon

Springfield's own road races the Friday 5 (June) and the Pleshey Half (September) both start and finish at the Village Hall, Pleshey. You are welcome to run, but we also need a lot of help marshalling etc.

Club 5K Time Trial

Every thirteen weeks throughout the year the club hold a 5K Time Trial for members only. These are a great way to test your fitness and progress. The results will also be used to help work out the club handicaps, (see below). You can view the route here, which is over two laps.

5K Results

Club Handicap

The club also hold a members Summer and Winter Handicap race. You are awarded a handicap based on your ability or recent race results, with the slowest runner setting off first and the fastest last. If the handicapper has done their job well all the runners will be coming up the finishing straight together! The routes for these races are here; keep an eye on the chat board or events calendar for details of the next race.


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