Wednesday, June 20, 2018
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Winning the Double Treble!!


Springfield Striders have smashed the double treble at the Essex Way for the second year running. Trophies have been retained for the Men, Ladies and Vets, much to the Captains and everyone else’s delight, and makes all Sharon and Stuart’s nagging worthwhile. This is always a TEAM event and everyone’s run counted towards the final score.

The morning was bright and sunny, and a little windy, so pleasant conditions for running, especially in the earlier legs. The clouds came over during the day.  

With wins in Legs 1 (Chris Burgoyne), 2 (Alex Manton), 4 (Tristan Windley), 5 (Paul Molyneux), 9 (Gavin Allen) and 10 (Mark Newton), and respectable 2nd by Stuart Raven in Leg 3 and Sam Cornforth in Leg 6, 3rd for James Smith in Leg 8 and 4th for Antony Goodall in Leg 7, the men ran away again with the overall men’s trophy and 17 points in total.

After leg 3 the men were in front with 4 points, followed by Thrift Green on 21 and Benfleet on 29. At this stage the women were way behind the leaders Grange Farm, with 75 points (equal with Southend) as opposed to GFDR 25 points. The vets were leading with 25 points over Southend and GFDR.

After Leg 5 the men were still in front with only 6 points but this time LOSS were 2nd on 30 and Benfleet 36. The ladies were still languishing in 3rd but the top two had swopped with Southend taking the lead. The Vets were still leading with GFDR and Southend reversing their order.

By leg 7, Springfield were dominating the leader board. The men now had 12 points, with Benfleet and LOSS on 48 and 52 respectively. The ladies had now gained first place with 123 in front of Southend’s 132 and GFDR 158. The Vets widened their lead over GFDR and Southend, with only 48 points.

At the end of the final stage it was all settled; double treble for the Striders!! Well done to everyone who ran, cheered, supported throughout the day and on our Stage, and especially to Sharon and Stuart for sorting the teams out, nagging everyone and making sure it ran like clockwork.